User Agreement (Noirbnb Unity Pledge)

The Noirbnb Community was created in the spirit of unity, inclusion, and acceptance. Joining Noirbnb is a pledge to treat all members of our community with respect, regardless of their race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, ability, age, or orientation.


Verified members of the Noirbnb community are identified by the verification badge found next to their name. Only users with a verified badge can host or rent a space. By verifying a combination of information it assists us in ensuring that Noirbnb is as safe as possible for our guests as well as our hosts. Get a verified badge in minutes. You’ll need a profile photo, a payment option on file, a confirmed email address, a confirmed phone number and the completion of our ID verification process.

2. FAQ

A. What is Flagging?

At Noirbnb our goal is to provide the best and safest experience possible for our hosts and guests.

We provide a variety of features that assist us in ensuring that Noirbnb remains a safe and positive community for all of our members. Some of our features include our messaging system, reviews, references, and member verification.

Noirbnb was created to be a safer, more welcoming travel community. With that in mind we’ve dedicated an experienced and customer service oriented team to monitor any unwanted activity on the platform.

You can assist us by flagging user activity on the site by clicking the flag icon via 3 methods:

  • Flagging Profiles: Flag icon and “Flag profile” will be located directly under the “Send a message” button on the left side of the user profile
  • Flagging Listings: Flag icon and “Flag this listing” will be located directly under the “Book Now >” button on the right side of the listing page
  • Flagging Reviews / Comments: Flag icon will be located directly under the comment to the right of the user’s profile, directly to the right of the “Thumbs up” icon
  • Flagging Messages: Flag icon will be located in the top right corner of the message box between you and another user

B. What does it mean to be verified?

You have been vetted as a member of the Noirbnb community. Only verified users can rent or book their space, and the transactions happen instantly. Verified users have the verification badge next to their profile.

What do I need to get verified?

Verification process is simple and in most cases can be completed in minutes. In order to obtain a verification badge users must have:

  • Verified profile photo (Edit Profile)
  • Verified digital ID (Edit Profile)
  • Verified email (Account Settings)
  • Verified phone number (Account Settings)
  • Verified payment option (Account Settings)

Is my verification information safe?

All user information is securely stored on our database.

C. What happens if I unlist my property?

We offer Hosts the ability list and unlist their property at their convenience. There are a few things to keep in mind however.

  • You must have a listed property to retain your Noirbnb host badge. If you do not have a listed property then your host badge will be removed
  • Unlisting your property does not affect your Noirbnb verification
  • Unlisting your properties won’t affect your confirmed booking except in emergency situations

D. How do I change my messaging preferences?

To change your messaging preferences go to account settings and scroll down to Messaging Preferences where you can choose between 3 options:

  • Any Noirbnb member: Any Noirbnb member is able to message you
  • Verified Noirbnb members only: Only Verified Noirbnb members are able to message you
  • My Hosts or Guests only: Only your hosts or guests are able to message you

E. What is the cancellation policy for Hosts?

Noirbnb allows hosts to choose their cancellation policy (Relaxed or Rigid) that we have in place to protect both our hosts and guests.

The cancellation policies can be viewed on the hosts listing page at the bottom of the “House Rules” section under “All general Noirbnb rules and policies”.

What is the cancellation policy for Guests?

In order to cancel your reservation prior to the beginning of your trip:

  • Bookings cancelled 14 days or more before the reservation’s arrival date will be refunded in full*
  • Bookings cancelled within 14 days of (but prior to 48 hours before) the arrival date will be refunded 50%*
  • Cancellations inside of 48 hours of the arrival date cannot be refunded

* All refunds are minus Noirbnb fees

F. What are featured properties?

Featured Listings are properties that are presented on Noirbnb’s homepage that are curated based on the date the listing was added, location, season, or listings close to prominent events.

G. How can I submit an event for consideration?

At Noirbnb, we love creating awesome events and experiences for our community and partnering with creatives and entrepreneurs around the world. To submit an idea or concept for an event please send an email with a detailed description to

H. How Does Payment Processing Work?

While completing your account we ask that you include the payment information for the card(s) or account(s) you plan on using to book your trips as well as the account(s) you’ll be utilizing to receive payments. It’s important that all members of the Noirbnb process their transactions via the Noirbnb platform to guarantee a quality experience. Processing transactions on Noirbnb ensures that you’re dealing with a verified member of our community, plus the added benefits of assurance on your transaction and the ability to get your money back if ever necessary.

I. What protections do you offer Hosts?

If you do host your property on Noirbnb it is our goal to ensure that you are completely satisfied. On a case-by-case basis, we guarantee to cover these losses. In case of criminal conduct, Noirbnb will work with authorities to identify and prosecute offenders. Our Host Guarantee comes standard to hosts at no additional cost.

3. Best Practices for Hosts & Guests

Best Practices for Noirbnb Hosts:

Are you a complete newbie to hosting? Don’t even trip, we’ve created this list of tips + tricks just for you to help make your experience as dope as possible.

As a rookie Noirbnb host, its easy to be overwhelmed and make a few mistakes but, we’re here and we’ve got your back.

Becoming a Noirbnb host isn’t a simple or easy undertaking but, once you take that leap of faith, it can not only be an awesome experience, it can also make you a lot of money, and introduce you to some incredible people.

Before you begin your journey as a Noirbnb host, here are a few tips to turn you from novice to ninja…

Take High Quality Photos of Your Space:

The better your place looks, the more likely you are to receive consistent bookings, which means that you’ll keep the paper coming in. Dark, blurry, or grainy photos are aren’t a good look when users are searching for a cool place to stay, even if it’s just for one night. Do your best to make sure that your photos are bright, clear, and inviting.

FYI: If you’re not sure about the quality of your photos, reach out to us and we can provide suggestions and even get you set up with one of our local photographers

Hospitality Is A Major, Major Key:

The cleaner and more organized your space is, the more likely you are to receive positive reviews, which in turn lead to more bookings. Although you might not be a hotel owner, it’s important to remember that you are now in the hospitality industry.

That said, it’s important to think ahead about what your guests might potentially need.

Such as having extra towels, linen, toiletries, and things of that sort. If that sounds a bit tedious, there are a variety of companies that provide services such as towel service, cleaning service, and more.

Stay Organized:

As a Noirbnb host, it’s imperative that you stay as organized as possible with your schedule. There aren’t too many disappointments like finding the perfect home and then being cancelled on by a host because the place is double-booked or just not ready.

Be sure that the dates you have available on the site are 100% unbooked and that your listed space isn’t being used by you or anyone else.


Be sure to always clearly communicate what you require from your hosts and what your hosts can expect from you. Think of things that your guest might ask for and do your best to have them prepared in advance i.e.: wifi passwords, gate codes, alarm codes, parking availability, restaurant recommendations, etc.

FYI: You can leave an auto-message for your guests which includes the aforementioned information so that your guest is guaranteed to have all necessary information on-hand.

Keep It Real:

Don’t embellish or lie about your space. It’s important to market & “sell” your space a bit but, don’t be dishonest about the size, condition, or how many people can sleep in your space.

Be sure that your photos and description are an accurate reflection of your property because if not, it can be a serious source of bad reviews which will lead to less bookings for you.

Wifi & Foreign Adaptors:

Considering that Noirbnb is an internet-based service, it’s imperative that your space has internet access. Unless your space is listed as one of those off-the-grid, nature retreat, mediation getaways, there’s a 90% chance your guest will be expecting wifi. If you don’t have wifi you can purchase a $20 router for your space.

You may also be attracting a lot of guests from foreign countries, it’s important to have foreign adaptors for their phones, laptops, and other gadgets.

Swag It Out!:

An important part of being a Noirbnb host is personalizing your space. We want our Hosts to express themselves and make the experience of staying in their home unique and memorable. Check out things some of our other hosts have done to gain some inspiration and then make it your own. People are staying in your home because they want to gain a new experience.

Fix Potential Hazards:

If you saw any hanging light fixtures, or a broken railing while staying at a hotel, you’d have every reason to complain. The same holds true while staying in a Noirbnb. If things are broken or not working, it’s imperative that you get them fixed.

If you aren’t doing your best to make your space safe, you’re putting yourself at risk of of liability claims if a guest is hurt.

Keep Your Valuables Locked Up:

If you have any important valuables or priceless items, it’s probably best that you keep them locked up. No guest intends to steal or break your property but, accidents happen and sometimes your valuables grow wings and end up in your guest’s suitcase. Play it safe, and just prevent anything like that from happening.

Vibe with your guests:

It’s important to engage with your guests so that you both can learn a bit more about each other but, also remember to give your guests their space. In your House Rules area you can describe what a day in your space will be like and whether you’re a host that is home a lot or out all day. That helps paint a better picture of what a stay with you is like.

Best Practices for Guests

Create A Dope Profile:

It’s important for our guests to have as much information about themselves on their profile as possible. Upload a clear photo of yourself and describe yourself on your profile so that our hosts and other users can get a good feel for who you are. It not only helps you chances of getting booked it also adds to the awesomeness of the Noirbnb community.

Keep It Clean:

It’s important to remember that you’re a guest in someone’s home. Many of our hosts have cleaning services that will come in and clean up but, it’s still important to clean up after yourself. Make sure to wash any dishes you use and dispose of any trash you may create.

Enter The Correct Dates + Number of Guests:

In order to get the proper price of your listings it’s important that you select the exact dates you’ll be staying and the number of guests who’ll be staying. Remember, don’t assume that it’s ok to bring extra people to stay with you when booking a Noirbnb.

Read The Listing & Reviews:

It’s important to read about the place you’ll potentially be staying as the listing and reviews may provide key information such as the wifi password, local restaurants, places to shop, etc. It’s also important to read reviews because they provide insight into the good and potential downsides of a listing. Reading reviews also provides the opportunity to message hosts and see if any issues mentioned in the reviews have been rectified.


Having great communication between you and your host is one of the most important aspects of Noirbnb etiquette. When introducing yourself to your Noirbnb Host, do a quick run down of your reason for visiting i.e.: business trip, quick vacation, visiting family, etc.

Communicating with your host is a great way to build a relationship before you meet each other and makes the experience that much better.

Book Quickly:

Noirbnb hosts often receive a lot of requests for their spaces so try not to leave them waiting for hours. Noirbnb instantly books on a first come, first serve system so if you’re still searching for the best deal, you may end up missing out on the place you originally wanted to stay.

If There’s An Issue, Speak Up:

If you’re going to be early or late for your arrival, it’s important to let your host know so they can plan accordingly. If there’s an issue while staying at your Noirbnb, let your host know as soon as possible. It would be unfair for you to not voice an issue to your host and then leave a negative review. That leaves them without the option to fix the issue.

Ambassador FAQ

  • Are Ambassadors trips paid for?


Answer:  No. An Ambassador is an individual that loves to travel and they are open to the public following their lives as they go on their adventures. 



  • How do ambassadors earn money?


Answer:  It’s quite simple! Ambassadors will be provided with a referral code. When a person sign-up using the Ambassador’s code, the Ambassadors earns money.



  • Do Ambassadors get discounts on Noirbnb housing?



Answer: Yes, they do. Ambassadors will be provided a promo code for your trips to use when booking with Noirbnb.