Michell Clark: Artistic Manifesto

Michell Clark: Artistic Manifesto

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A big criticism of music platforms currently is it’s genuine interest in breaking new talent. Time after time and blog after blog, music sites write only about mainstream artists. Michell set out to reset the dial with ArtisticManifesto.com. Along with teaching others how to correctly use social media with his hilarious sense of humor and proven methods, Michell used his platform to connect the world through music.


While growing his influence, he focuses on making sure anyone at any age can achieve what they have their eyes set on. Speaking on multiple platforms, levels, and forums – Michell understands that failing is a stepping stone to success and nothing is handed to you overnight. Clark has learned how to make his mark on our culture in his own humorous tactics, reminding those that listen, that they are exactly where they are suppose to be at that moment.


The Root, Blavity, and Bandcamp are just some of the platforms who have published Clark’s witty way with words. SportsZone and Karmaloop has used him as a host, as well as serving as a brand ambassador for a Northern Virginia/Washington D.C based education company. He understands to be culturally sound is to travel the world. For some, traveling is accomplished through music from other regions, countries, and hemispheres. Michell C Clark has his finger on the pulse. You should be listening.



What’s going on it’s Michell C Clark founder of Artistic Manifesto. Pizza connoisseur, lover of naps, event creator; and I’m here with Noirbnb.

Have you always loved to travel?

I’ve always love traveling whenever it was possible. I like to explore new cities. I like to be uncomfortable. I like to see how D.C and New York and Atlanta and California are all different. So I like to be able to just learn different things from different places. So, I’ve always enjoyed traveling and kind of getting out of my comfort zone. I think it’s a big part that in being able to see. you know, the regional parts of different areas. It’s like, “Where’s the best food in Atlanta?”. “Where’s the best food in New York?”. What can I see by going to different places.


What do you feel about the energy around this Black Travel movement?

I think the energy is good overall. I think it’s important for us to be able to see people like us explore different parts of the world and experience different cultures. I think that a lot of us didn’t see that growing up. Its cool to see people who are able to find a way to explore the world, see thing for themselves. I think that it’s a pretty interesting fun community. I like it.


How much does music influence people’s travel choices?

So, it happens at different times and at different points. You could talk about different artists over time can tell stories through music about their experiences, you know, different countries, or different cities. So that’s part of it. Then you have the visual part of ir. Where, you know, they can show these locations and destinations in their music videos, and now you have it happening on social media where you can probably follow your favorite rappers around 24/7 and see what they’re doing, see where they’re traveling to. See what different cities look like, and what they experience there. So, the more we’re kind of able to look to their lives. Kind of visualize what their actually seeing, the more music can really influence what we want to do and where we want to go.


What are some of your hopes for the Black millennials?

Man that’s like – I can go on about that for days. Just hopes in general for black millennials? I hope that we continue to find ways to be our best individually while finding ways to force the systems that are against us the kind of shift the odds back toward neutrality and not be against us so much. I hope that we don’t lose inspiration because things are more difficult for us. We continue to support each other we continue to innovate and everything else. I hope that we continue to walk our own individual paths. Figure out things that we want to do and don’t get stuck conforming to what we’ve been told is the expectant path by various people. Yeah, and I hope that we continue to love each other, love ourselves, and enjoy life. You know?


As an entrepreneur what are some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned so far?

I think one of the more biggest things I’ve learned so far being an entrepreneur is to be more flexible with finding solutions. There’ll always be so many obstacles and things you don’t see coming but, it’s important to just  always be mobile and just figure out how can I get past these things that I didn’t see happening to me and still find the best solution possible. How can I adapt, you know, once these things start flying at me. It’s one of the biggest things I’ve learned so far.


What do you think of companies like Noirbnb? Can black business be big business?

I think companies like Noirbnb are fantastic. I think they’re, they’re finding new lanes; and they are seeing us for who we are. And not some, uniformed demographic that maybe can’t afford to travel, doesn’t want to travel. I think they are allowing us to see what it’s like for people like us to go around the world and explore these different things. So I think it’s very important for people see these things.  And have someone who’s been to those places and we can kind of figure out, you know, what to kind of get into. It’s tough when, like Stef’s story, about being profiled and certain assumptions being made about him. That was something we’ve all experienced in different ways. We’ve all been through a situation where people assumed certain things about us due to the color of our skin and potential due to the way that we appear. Whatever someone might say, it’s fantastic to have something that is, you know, by us and for us that won’t carry those biases that we face every where else. So I think it’s very important, and I think that, I think that it’s a very good thing and we will always support companies that support us and do great job doing so. I think that it’ll continue to be successful in the future.


You can pick any festival in the world to travel to, what would it be?

I got to pick one? If I could travel to any festival around the world. I’m going to break the rules here and say I want to travel to every country and experience one festival in each different countries. I don’t even know of festivals out there. You know, I’m sure I know the big ones in the US and maybe a bit in Europe. I want to go to a festival in Cape Town. I want to go to a festival in Korea. I want to go to a festival in France that i’ve never even heard about. With genres I’m not even familiar with and see what it’s like over there culturally. So I want to go to every festival. I want to explore, and see what I don’t know yet. As opposed to what’s more, kind of, in front of me and convenient.


Do you prefer traveling alone, with a friend, or in a group? And Why?

I’m not opposed to traveling alone. I think ideally I would travel with one or two people. So it’s not too many people where you have to have a meeting to determine where you want to go for the day but you have someone to share the experience with and someone to kind of keep you safe and watch your back too depending on where you go, and to be able to share those memories with. I don’t mind traveling alone. I don’t mind traveling in larger groups. But you kind of get bogged down trying to please everyone in a large group and it’s just nice to be able to share the experience with a few people.


Again, I’m Michell C Clark. Thank you to Noirbnb for the interview. I really appreciate it. Hopefully I’ll travel and see you guys somewhere in the near future in your city or wherever else. If you’re ever in D.C. holla at me. Appreciate you.

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