Zanzibar International Film Festival

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Zanzibar International Film Festival

Date: July 8-16, 2017

Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania

Event Type: Film Festival



Taking place July 8 – 16, 2017 on the eastern shore of Africa in Stone Town, the Zanzibar International Film Festival is entering it’s 20th year of showcasing the best in African cinema and culture, with a theme that speaks volumes across the globe: “Kusikia Furaha / Finding Joy.” The rise of content flourishing from East Africa (and the continent in general) has been exponential, and ZIFF 2017 will honor those passionate about supporting the continuation of that progress.


Featuring a hefty agenda of events, including over 10 workshops that span the course of a few days, ZIFF 2017 participants and attendees will have the opportunity to experience quite a few firsts: the SOKO FILAM East African Film + TV Market, featuring a 3-day program of industry panels and master classes; an official film school competition; and the first-ever East African Video Music Award presentation. One of the biggest sponsors of the year is, the next big venture coming out of the African film community:


SOKO FILAM is made possible by the support of the newest and most innovative film distribution and funding platform and community that will launch later this year, will revolutionise the way that content producers can create, share, monetise, and ultimately, fund their productions, from films and TV shows, to short content and music videos. The platform will create a community for filmmakers across Africa to cooperatively and effectively create a viable industry.


Via special message from Festival Director Fabrizio Colombo, ZIFF 2017 hopes that it’s theatrical selection “will contribute to share happiness and hope as the goal for every human being. ZIFF once again will place where we celebrate Cinema and Art for the people with a special regard to those considered “leftovers of society.” ZIFF will be their voice and eyes. Together, we will find joy and hope for all. That’s the challenge of ZIFF 2017.”

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