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Nadi Shodana is a Pranayama exercise that clears toxins and reduces stress. By balancing Solar (Masculine) and Lunar (Feminine) in our subtle energy channels, Nadi Shodana strengthens our ability to tap into the functions of the right and left brain to create harmony in our lives. This breathwork practice can be used to cultivate alertness and invite clarity to the mind-body and emotions. When done regularly, Nadi Shodana can drastically improve the function of the autonomic nervous system. This exercise can be done alone, with an asana practice or to prepare the nerves for potentially high stress situations.
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Sihnuu, a Washington, D.C. native, has always had an affinity for creative expression. Since childhood, she\'s found enjoyment in the art of movement, and in 2007 she started exploring open dialogue with her body on the yoga mat. After some time, she discovered she was receiving more than just a workout. Fully committed to the practice, Sihnuu decided to take her journey to the next level after her son\'s passing. Self-Exploration became an essential tool for her healing as she grieved her loss and continued on her motherhood journey. Her quest for spiritual, mental, and emotional healing led her to a greater understanding of universal truths as they related to the mind, body, and soul. Sihnuu teaches throughout the D.C. area and seamlessly transitions from the yoga mat to expressing her creativity through Yoga, dance, writing, cooking, and exploring various art forms. She enjoys spending time with her daughter, Yazi Blu, traveling to new places, learning new cultures, and meeting new people. Sihnuu Hetep has appeared in publications and blogs, including Athleta’s Summer 2020 campaign, Mantra Magazine, Essence Magazine, and was included in Yoga Journal\'s 2020 31 Yoga and Self-Care Resources for Black Yogis list.

Sihnuu H.