5 Steps To Properly Prepare Your Home for Guests

Jun 18, 2021

Cleanliness is a top request for guests and a top priority for Noirbnb. To help you be the best host you can be, we’ve provided a step-by-step guide to keep your space super fresh. Not only will they keep your guests happy, these tips are also highly recommended by experts to help curb the spread of COVID-19.


Step 1. Get Prepared


Get all your cleaning supplies together such as your microfiber cloths, gloves, mask, broom, mop, etc. Having your tools organized makes cleaning and disinfecting much more effective and efficient. Be sure to also open a window or other method of ventilation.


Step 2. Clean Up


Wipe off all dust and debris from surfaces. Then wipe off surfaces with soap and water. Sweep all floors and follow by vacuuming and mopping where necessary.


Step 3. Disinfect


After your basic clean, follow up by disinfecting surfaces and things that are frequently touched such as door knobs, handles, remotes, and other household items and fixtures.


Step 4. Review


After cleaning and disinfecting, be sure to review that you’ve cleaned all areas. It also hel


Step 5. Get ready for next booking


Be sure to dispose of/clean all cleaning materials and replace/replenish all fixtures, furnishings, and needs for your next guests.


Following these cleaning guidelines is essential for not only providing a great experience for your guests, its part of Noirbnb’s best practices to keep your listings active.