Mission: Jamaica - A Spy Movie-themed Adventure by Noirbnb

Jun 21, 2021

Noirbnb, in partnership with Jamaica Tourist Board and Real Vibez/Blue Mahoe Capital presents Mission: Jamaica, an exclusive luxury 007-inspired travel experience, never seen before.


Mission: Jamaica’s guests, excuse us, Agents, will be instantly transported into the adventurous world of espionage, luxurious international travel, and beautiful tropical locations.


The Secret Agents will fly in under the cover of “luxury travelers” on a private chartered jet from Miami, Florida into Ian Fleming Airport in Jamaica. Upon arrival, they will be transported to the world-renowned Goldeneye, the same place where all of the James Bond books were written, and where many of the movies were filmed, including the upcoming 007 film ‘No Time To Die’.


Mission: Jamaica’s Agents will get exclusive access to all 11 of the shooting locations used for films in the Bond series. In addition to the private Bond tour, Agents will also embarking on a catered yacht excursion and also have a private black-tie dinner at the historic Caves restaurant, another location from the classic Bond films.


Mission: Jamaica is the premiere offering of Noirbnb’s latest offering, Noirbnb Adventures.


Adventures is an expansion of Noirbnb’s current focus, now offering fun and unique Adventures currently centered around Travel, Wellness, & Cuisine. It is currently in its Beta testing phase and accepting new Adventure Partners.