Top 10 Things to Do when visiting Ghana in 2021

Jun 21, 2021

From a diaspora’s perspective, whomever have attended the year of Return in December 2019, had only captured a glimpse of the variety activities, the richness of the Ghanaian History and Culture had to offer then.


Ghanaian people and Tourist professionals can’t wait for the pandemic to be over with to receive you again in the most authentic and friendly manner.


Do you need any pointers on what to do when planning your trip back to the Motherland? Look no further, we’re happy to assist you.


During the Year of return in December 2019, there about over 1 million tourists from all sides of the African descent diaspora: USA, South Africa, British Ghanaian, French, Cameroons, Caribbean and Nigerian, local and foreign tour operators where quick busy organising a variety of excursions to cater for those newly arrived travellers.


Among those we can recall excursions to the slave castles, beaches, popular spots like the museums and galleries, botanical gardens, holiday resorts, lounges, and bars. Every place was full and getting an Uber became strenuous at time.


The Classic City History, Culture Tour & Shopping in Accra:


1) Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum


The role and legacy of Ghana’s first president since independence can still be felt to this day! On your first few days upon arrival, you will need to pay a visit while on an Accra City tour, to the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum and Park. You will be immersed in the history, learning the character and vision of the leader behind the man…


2) W.E.B. Dubois Memorial


For all History fans and those who want to find out how did one of the Father of the Civil right Movement ended up his last years of existence in Ghana and what its legacy, you will feel the urge to visit his last house, be amazed by the Portrait collection of guests he received and the collections of books titles in his library.


3) Makola Market and Art Centre Market 


If you need to experience the hustle and bustle and test your negotiation skills, then look no further. Cool things to bring back if your luggage allowance allow: Authentic Shea butter, African Black soap, waistline beads a seduction must have for any woman, and some trendy wax printed fans and home décor baskets.


Adventure Travels outside the Capital:


4) Water sport in Akosombo by the Volta River 


If you love cruising in style or jet skiing on mesmerizing water of the Volta River, you won’t be disappointed! You can stay a few days by the River to relax, jet ski, canoe or cruise a larger boat while toasting some cocktail or brunching! 

Only 2 hours away from Accra, you will cross the modern Akosombo Bridge, and enjoy the peaceful enclave.


5) Surfing and Fishing in Basuaa


Basuaa Beach will surprise you and you will fall in love with the spotless sunset and sunrise! You can enjoy a variety of eco-friendly hotels and resorts and a few Surfing schools offering classes all day long, regardless of your level, to get you started on the right foot!


6) Ziplining in Bunso Arboretum (Eastern Region) and Quad biking in Aburi


For the fans of moderate to more sporty holidays whether visiting as a group of friends, family or a couple, you won’t want to give a go to some thrilling Ziplining in Bunso Arboretum Park or go for a Quad biking race after a spiritual visit to Aburi Sacred Gardens. Get your helmet ready and let go!


7) Hiking the Afodjato Mountains and swimming in Wli Waterfalls


For the sporty minds, let’s challenge you to climb those 885 meters under 30 mn! That how fast your local guide will go and depending on your fitness you’ll ask for pauses or stay within pace! The view is all worth the climb rest assured! Afodjato is the highest mountain in West Africa, so a great achievement to add to your belt!


If you love nature and Waterfalls, like a Caribbean, you will enjoy hiking towards Wli waterfalls which has 2 levels, it’s the highest in Ghana 80 meters. A great natural show is awaiting for you… Hush.. I won’t do any spoiler…


Spiritual Reconnection to the Ancestors:


8) Cape Coast & Elmina Enslaved Castle


Both Castles are not far of each other and are similarly connected to the enslavement history of African descent people. You will be immersed in history, culture and see, touch for yourself the “Door of No return” which your ancestors have probably passed.  


You will be immersed in one of the Dungeon basement rooms and understand the experience your ancestors go through for 3 months prior being shipped to The Caribbean or the United States.


9) Assin Manso Ancestral Enslaved River 


Little know this hidden gem, located 40 kilometres along the Cape Coast Kumasi highway (Yamransa junction). Enslaved African did take their last bath prior being shipped to the Caribbean or The United States for a new life deprived of freedom.


Depending on how you feel, you would be invited to touch the water and connect with your ancestors with a prayer or homage.


You will have to pay homage to your ancestors by passing the graveyard and could leave your name on the Memorial Wall of Return.


10) Aburi Sacred Gardens   


If you need to reconnect spiritually, attended some unexpected outdoor wedding ceremony, learned about the healing power of plants and trees, touch the oldest tree in Ghana (600 years old) and be reminisced of the role of nature in your wellbeing, look no further! You must pay a visit to Aburi Sacred Gardens. It’s also great for Instagram photoshoot…


Depending which time of the year you are visiting you could also enjoy attending some modern (Afrochella in December 2021) or more traditional festivals (Bakatue, In Elmina in July 2021), or enjoy the lively party scene in December when both Local and International artist usually produce concerts or take part in Festival like Dutty Rock, TINA or Afronation. Check Eventbrite or some Facebook groups prior your departure or feel free to reach out  or our local partner for any assistance with onsite planning with your trip.


You could at any time relax on various chill beach, as Ghana’s landscape is very Coastal, some of the most famous are Labadi Beach (Accra), Busuaa beach a great surfing spot, Wakanda Beach Resort (Kokrobite).


We hope we gave you a good idea on what to do in Ghana next time you’d like to visit. If you fancy a mixture of black heritage and leisure experiences, we got you! Why not join us From December 26th, 2021 to January 2021 to our December trip. To find out more email us @ or .

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