About Us

Noirbnb is a global travel community that provides experiences and events with a focus on including and celebrating travelers of color. Our accommodations take our guests all around the world to popular destinations and events inspired by the African diaspora. Noirbnb was born in October 2015 after our co-founder, Stefan’s experience while booking a stay in Atlanta. We realized Stef’s experience was not an isolated case and more importantly, that there was an opportunity to create a better, safer experience for travelers of color.

Simply, Noirbnb was designed to be a game-changer in travel, events, and lifestyle by curating authentic experiences for the Black traveler. Whether it's monetizing your space for additional income, booking a trip, finding your next vibe or connecting with people who share your interests, Noirbnb is your home away from home.

A Niche Market within Global Travel

The African American tourism industry is valued at over $50 billion. Additionally, people of the African diaspora infuse billions into the global tourism economy every year. Historically, travelers of color have been an underserved and underestimated market by the larger tourism industry. Even in the modern sharing economy, which disrupted the travel industry, the impressive and growing Black travel market has remained largely ignored. Noirbnb was created to change that.