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$ $249
  • Sponsored Social Media Post (1)
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  • Basic Blog Mention (with backlink)

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$ 499
  • Sponsored Social Media Posts (2)
  • Featured Placement in Weekly Email Newsletter (1)
  • Detailed Blog Feature (with backlink and images)
  • Sponsored 1-2 minute video
  • Sponsored Instagram Story

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$ 999
  • Sponsored Social Media Posts (3)
  • Exclusive Feature in Weekly Email Newsletter (1)
  • Extensive Blog Spotlight (with backlink, images, and video)
  • Sponsored 1-2 minute video
  • Sponsored Instagram Story
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  • Banner ad in blog posts
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Amplify your brand's visibility through our multi-channel approach, ensuring maximum exposure across email, blog, and social media platforms.


Associate your brand with Noirbnb's trusted reputation for promoting diversity, inclusivity, and cultural appreciation.

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