We’re almost ready for the launch of our new site, but we need as many listings as possible before we go public. That’s why we’re partnering with awesome hosts like you and giving you early access to the platform.

Signing up & adding your listings is pretty straight-forward, but we’ve provided this quick guide to assist you with the process.

To begin, head to Noirbnb’s new homepage. Once you reach that page, click the “Host your place” button on the top right.

After clicking “Host your place”, you’ll be brought to a page where you can select the kind of listing you’ll be submitting. You can choose between Homes, Bars & Restaurants, or Experiences.

Once you’ve selected your listing type, you’ll be asked to Sign In or Create an Account. Since you don’t have an account yet, please click “Create account” & then select “Business” since you’ll be one of our Host Partners.

After clicking “Create account” & “Business” you’ll be brought to the page where you begin the process of creating your first listing. Becoming a Host Partner on Noirbnb is completely free to add as many listings as you want, so click our free Master Plan and then follow the other 9 steps to complete your listings. You can track your progress via the list on the menu.

Once you’ve completed all 10 steps, your listing will undergo a review process from our team. If everything looks good your listing will be approved, go live on Noirbnb, and you’ll be ready to accept booking requests.

Remember, after completing your listing, please add your PayPal or banking information so that you can receive payments when people book your space.

We’re still building & preparing for the launch, so if you run into any hiccups, please send an email to Info@Noirbnb.com and we’ll be there to help.

Thank you for joining Noirbnb.

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