Host Guarantee

Welcome to the Noirbnb community. To provide additional peace of mind and earn your trust as a community member, we offer all of our hosts our guarantee. It’s not often, but accidents sometimes may and do occur. Noirbnb Host Guarantee is here to protect you from damage to your property and other such accidents that may occur when you have a guest.

If you do host your property on Noirbnb it is our goal to ensure that you are completely satisfied. On a case-by-case basis, we guarantee to cover these losses. In case of criminal conduct, Noirbnb will work with authorities to identify and prosecute offenders. Our Host Guarantee comes standard to hosts at no additional cost.

Available to all hosts? 

Yes, to all Noirbnb hosts. This means you have:

  • A completed and approved Noirbnb listing
  • A Noirbnb verification check 
  • A Noirbnb verified guest
  • The guest in the home during the expected duration of the stay
  • The guest paid for the trip on the Noirbnb platform
  • Noirbnb highly recommends that you have an active homeowners or renters insurance policy at the time of stay. This provides the maximum assurance of coverage when using the Host Guarantee.

We hold community members to the highest standard and expect that all members treat others with dignity and respect. While we guarantee to make it right after problems happen, we remind members of the community to stay diligent and help us prevent them from happening. We encourage users to report any guest that damage their property. Also report guests if their bookings are against “Good Community” rules, including:

  • Missing or misleading profile pictures
  • Bring more than approved number of guests on a trip
  • Inappropriate or indecent profile details

We recognize that Noirbnb is an opportunity to create a better, safer travel experience and we take that mission seriously. We believe in the Noirbnb community and we pledge to always lead the way when it comes to protecting our community. If you have any questions about the program, please contact us for additional support. 



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