300+ New properties Now Available in 11 Cities Around The World

Jun 18, 2021

We've just added over 300 properties in 11 cities in America and around the world.

The #1 request we get is that we need more properties because so many of you have been excited and ready to book with us. Considering we're a startup with a small but dedicated team, having more demand than supply is a unique and exciting position for us to be in. As exciting as that is, our primary intention is providing you with world-class service, and we can't do that if you're not able to book with us.

With that said, we now have properties available in Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans, Bali, Rio, Panama City, Marbella, Cabo, Cape Town, Accra, and Abidjan.

You can also check out new listings in Brazil, France, Japan, Ecuador, Spain, and more.

We've just added some incredible team members, hosting professionals, and real estate professionals to assist us in our mission to provide you with incredible accommodations to inhabit while on your travels.

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